Cheyenne Frontier Days 2023 has now passed the midway point.

For a lot of local businesses, CFD is a make-or-break time.

Some of the more obvious ones include such enterprises as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, motels, bars, and even taxis.

But many others get at least some benefit from Frontier Days. For example, western clothing stores. Even retailers who sell things like blue jeans may reap some benefits.

So do you think the overall CFD crowds this year are big, small, or about average?

To clarify, we aren't just talking about attendance at the rodeos or the night shows. That's certainly part of it, but are you seeing the increased visitation translate into more people visiting local businesses or eating in restaurants? How about the crowds at Frontier Park? Does it seem like traffic has increased a lot?

Take our poll and give us your opinion!

Check Out the 2023 Cheyenne Frontier Days Midway

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Carnival Midway offers refreshments, games, and rides to attendees.