Dell Range Blvd. will close next week from Whitney Road to U.S. Highway 30 for utility installation work, according to a release from the City of Cheyenne.

According to the release, Whitney Road is the official detour route for eastbound traffic, but motorists are being encouraged to use an alternate route during heavy traffic.

Westbound traffic on Highway 30 should continue as normal according to the release. The project is expected to take about 1.5 weeks assuming there are no weather delays.

Motorists are being reminded to watch for traffic control signs and to drive carefully through the affected areas.

May 24 Landspout Spirals Over Cheyenne

A landspout - a type of tornado that is "smaller and weaker than tornadoes produced by supercells" appeared within city limits on May 24, 2023, shocking residents. The spout was visible over Dell Range Blvd. In response to the spout, F.E. Warren Air Force Base issued a warning on the base urging occupants to seek shelter.

Several Cheyenne residents captured the landspout on camera. Did you see the would-be twister appear over Cheyenne?