We're into late October at this point. Halloween and Thanksgiving are rapidly approaching.

Christmas is a little over two months away. Have you started shopping yet?

Most of us probably know highly organized folks who have already done most or all of their shopping. The upside of that is not having to worry about the annual shopping frenzy and being able to just enjoy the holidays. On the other hand, early bird shoppers may miss out on ''Black Friday" deals and other holiday bargains. And some folks enjoy holiday shopping with the Christmas music and holiday displays.

Other people are just now starting their shopping. That should leave plenty of time to get everything done, but still leaves some flexibility. Other folks may launch their shopping on November 1, still leaving plenty of time but allowing for holiday bargains and Black Friday.

Then there are those who wait until after Thanksgiving. That allows for starting with Black Friday deals. A lot of people also think the Christmas season doesn't start until after Thanksgiving anyway.

And not everyone Christmas shops either. People who are not Christians, those who push back against the "overcomercialization'' of Christmas and those who simply don't have family are among the folks in this category.

So how about you? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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