It may be hard to believe, but the Labor Day weekend is fast approaching. For most folks (although certainly not everyone) that means a three-day weekend.

Here in Wyoming, it may also be some of the last of the warm summer weather. September snowfall in the Cowboy State is far from unusual, especially at higher elevations.

It's also worth mentioning that the Wyoming Highway Patrol will be keeping a close eye out for impaired drivers. We all know that the consequences of impaired driving can be much worse than even a DUI arrest, so if you are hitting the road as a driver, don't hit the bottle.

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Speaking of hitting the road, lots of folks will be doing that. It may be the last long weekend with nice weather, and a lot of people will be taking advantage.

Or maybe you plan to hit the road for where the road ends. One of the perks of living in Wyoming is enjoying the great outdoors. Hiking, fishing, camping, or photography,  there is a lot to do and lots of room to do it.

If college football is your thing, it's worth mentioning that the Wyoming Cowboys kickoff their season at home against Texas Tech on Saturday. Will you be there?

Labor Day for a lot of people means breaking out the barbecue grill, possibly for the last time this summer. Will that be in your plans this weekend?

We thought it might be fun to ask our readers what they have planned. So take out the poll and tell us what you are looking forward to this weekend!

Maybe you have more than one of these on your schedule? Pick the one you are most looking forward to!

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