Former Cheyenne Police Cheif Brian Kozak has won the Republican nomination for Laramie County Sheriff and will move on to the November General Election.

Kozak will square off against independent candidate Jeff Barnes and Democrat Jess Fresquez on November 8. Kozak won a hard-fought primary battle with Capt. Don Hollingshead and Boyd Wrede.

Here are the totals according to the Laramie County Clerk's Office




Write-In Totals 307 Contest Totals 25,505

Kozak posted the following comments on his campaign Facebook page:

This may be premature. No, no it's not. Thank you Laramie County! We are on our way to a brighter Future! Looks like we are nearly 1.000 votes ahead. Media has called us the winner of the republican ticket!!!

He posted an additional comment on the page:

''Don just called to congratulate me on the win. I  would like to thank him for stepping up to run for office."

Long-time sheriff Danny Glick decided not to run again in 2022 after several terms in office. Kozak was the longest-serving police chief in Cheyenne history, holding the post for over a decade. But incoming mayor Patrick Collins decided not to retain him when he took office in January of 2021.

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