A 22-year-old transient is behind bars after allegedly stealing a pack of smokes from a gas station in northeast Cheyenne.

According to police spokeswoman Alex Farkas, officers were called to a reported robbery with a knife at the Maverik at 3315 N. College Dr. at about 6:35 p.m. Tuesday, June 13, but arrived to find that a shoplifting had taken place, not a robbery.

"According to statements, a male suspect wearing a grey sweatshirt, mask, and backpack entered the business, took a pack of cigarettes from behind the counter, and left without paying," Farkas said in a news release.

"A community member saw the male run out of the gas station and thought it looked suspicious," Farkas added. "The person contacted dispatch to relay information about his description and location."

Farkas says an officer in the area was able to locate the suspect, later identified as Kegan Dawdy, walking near the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Bevans Street and took him into custody without incident.

"Shortly after Dawdy was detained, pedestrians flagged down officers and informed them that they saw a male drop a backpack under a tree near the 3700 block of Cleveland Avenue," said Farkas.

"Officers were able to recover the abandoned backpack and found it was filled with cigarettes, a mask, and a grey sweatshirt," Farkas added.

Dawdy was booked into the Laramie County Detention Center on one count of misdemeanor theft but had yet to be formally charged as of 2:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Farkas says the incident resembles a string of robberies and thefts that have occurred at the gas station over the past month, and detectives are requesting tips if anyone has information.

"I want to commend the citizens involved in this case for taking quick action to assist our officers," said Chief Mark Francisco. "Their fast notification made it possible for officers to locate the suspect almost immediately. Our community partnerships play an important role in keeping everyone safe."


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