The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is in need of adopters or fosters to help take animals in as they near maximum capacity.

The shelter in a release Wednesday said it's pausing the scheduled intake of owned pets.

"Doing so allows (us) the time and resources to address the needs of pets in (our) care as well as to maintain space for strays and emergencies," the release reads.

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In addition to pausing surrender appointments, the shelter will also be holding an adoption promotion starting tomorrow, June 29, where all available pets will have discounted adoption fees:

  • Kittens & Puppies - $50
  • Adult Dogs - $25
  • Adult Cats & Critters - Fees Waived

"It is important to be proactive in our population management,” said CEO Britney Tennant.

”Pausing owner relinquishment and promoting adoption as a way to get ahead of a potential crisis allows us to address the most vulnerable populations first," Tennant added. "Asking owners with the need to surrender their pet to hold on for a few more weeks as we adopt other pets is one tool we have to help ensure the continued health of both the animals already in our care and of our dedicated staff."

The shelter says community members can also help out by fostering -- the shelter currently has over 120 animals in foster care and receives more pets daily in need of a foster home -- volunteering to help with daily care efforts, checking out the shelter's wish lists for pet and building supplies, making monetary donations, or becoming monthly donors.

"(We) will continue to keep the public updated on capacity, appointment openings, and the success of this adoption promotion," the shelter said.

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