Evelyn was the most common name for baby girls born in Wyoming in 2023, while Henry was the most popular choice for boys.

That's according to a news release from the Wyoming Department of Health.

According to the release, Amelia, Olivia, Harper, Charlotte, Hazel, Eleanor, Lainey, Oakley and Aurora were the second through tenth most popular names for baby girls in the Cowboy State in 2023.

 Jack and Wyatt tied for second place among baby boys. Next on the list were Elijah, Carter, Asher, Theodore, Benjamin, Waylon, and Noah.

Last Year's List of  Popular Baby Names Was Quite A Bit Different Than in 2022

 According to the release, Kyndra Herrera, VSS deputy state registrar with WDH, said, “There was more of a shakeup among the top names last year than we typically see. Parents look at many factors when making their choices. Sometimes they pass on family names. Other influences include movies, television shows, musicians or celebrities.”

In 2022 Noah was followed by Henry, Hudson, and Owen. William and Wyatt were tied for the next spot, with Oliver, John, Benjamin, and Bridger tied to close out the top ten choices for baby boys.

In 2022 Charlotte was followed by Olivia. Hazel and Emma tied for third and were followed by Harper, Evelyn, and Paisley. Nova, Isabella, and Eleanor were tied to round out the top ten on the list for baby girls.

Wyoming recorded 5,989 births in 2023. While that was down a little from the 2022 number of 6050, it exceeded the number of 2023 deaths, which was 5,566.

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Gallery Credit: Kolby Fedore, TSM