The Wyoming Highway Patrol has identified the driver of the Dodge pickup as 37-year-old Cheyenne resident Kelsey Baumgartner.

Trooper Shawncey Day says Howard was from Burns and died at the scene.


One person was killed and three others injured Monday afternoon after a pickup towing a livestock trailer hit a broken-down pickup and livestock trailer in Converse County, the Wyoming Highway Patrol says.

It happened around 3:39 p.m. at milepost 131 on Interstate 25, between Orin Junction and Douglas.

Wyoming Highway Patrol
Wyoming Highway Patrol
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According to a fatality crash summary, a Dodge pickup was towing a gooseneck livestock trailer northbound when the driver hit a broken-down Chevrolet pickup with a bumper-pull livestock trailer that was parked in the right emergency lane.

The crash left 25-year-old Wyoming driver Brooke Howard, who was not properly buckled up, dead.

Three others were also injured in the crash but the summary did not say to what extent, and a call to the patrol seeking more information was not immediately returned.

Driver inattention and driver fatigue/asleep are listed as possible contributing factors.

This is the third traffic fatality on I-25 between Chugwater and Douglas this month.

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