Yes, sports fans- it will be hard to top previous years of stupid by tourists visiting Wyoming. But some are promising they have what it takes.

Billy Globstein, president of the American Touron Association promises a banner year across the nation with new tricks and "next level stupid."

"OH, you ain't seen stupid yet," he laughed during our interview.

How does one top the woman who got pantsed by a buffalo?

That happened back in 2020, so folks have had time to sit around and dream up something more spectacular.

A person can only pet so many fluffy cows or try to hug so many bears before the general public is no longer impressed.

YEAH, we've seen enough people go for a swim in our hot springs. Someone even tried to cook their dinner in one.

Just like the Jackass movies, people always want to see something bigger, grander, DUMBER. So, what's next?

How about taking an animal home?

Or try to rescue it because it looks cold. Let's put it in the back of our SUV and drive off.

SORRY! It's been done.

Well, nobody had tried to mate with or marry and move in with one of these wild animals.

Did that make you laugh? Okay well, now I'll make you cry about it. It's been done, in Australia.


I KNOW! Use the Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Geyser as a Laundromat.

WAIT- sorry, it's been done.

In the 19th century, explorers, soldiers, and traders who were near Yellowstone would throw their dirty clothes into the geyser and wait for it to erupt, and throw out their clean clothes back to land. NOT KIDDING!

People have even looked down directly into Old Faithful. That never ends well.

HONESTLY! I have no idea what they are planning this year but tourists coming to Wyoming have promised this will be the DUMBEST year ever.

Can't wait.

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