Let's face it, Wyoming really doesn't have traffic problems.

If you want to see real traffic problems, visit Denver. You'll hate Atlanta and Boston. Don't even think about Los Angeles.

Still, we have our problems out there and we do have the occasional case of road rage. It's rare, but it happens.

What about that type of road rage that happens in the grocery store?

Aisle Rage? Not sure what to call it but you know what I mean.

People who park in the middle of the aisle to look for something and never think about what other people close to them might be trying to do.

Friends meet and stop to chat, bottling everything up.

So I asked folks from Wyoming if they ever suffered from "ISLE RAGE," the same as road rage, in the grocery store here in Wyoming.

Here is what they said.

attachment-Isle Rage 1

"Aisle Denial." Dan has a point.

Daniel mentions a dopamine build-up which changes your perception of time. I think that's correct. It's a weird feeling when things seem to slow down or speed up.

attachment-Isle Rage 2

Carol is calling us immature if we suffer from Isle Rage. I won't say that's wrong.

I'll do what Karen does, look for a less busy aisle and come back to the clogged one when it's clear.

attachment-Isle Rage 3

It's not always possible for everyone, but I like to shop during the slow times.

It's best not to even try when folks are trying to get home at the end of the work day and it's never good to shop on a Friday.

Just too many people.

Look at the first comment on the next string. CHUK, you are EVIL!

attachment-Isle Rage 4

Poor Mark can't get to the chocolates he wants.

Lynn finds the same problems at flea markets.

Does it help just to let people know you need to get through?

A simple "excuse me" might solve the problem.

attachment-Isle Rage 6

Look at the last comment.

That's funny Wayne, cruel, but funny.

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