GLAMPING (Luxurious camping. There might be a tent, but there is a full bed, television, and many luxury items involved). 

Honestly, Wyoming's Governor Gordon is a nice, soft-spoken guy.

He describes his roots as that of a “dirt farmer kind of guy.”

Maybe that's why he let loose in front of other statewide elected officials about the glamping resort Basecamp Hospitality LLC near Teton Village.

“They are white igloos that are standing like pimples on the landscape,” Gordon said when refering to the 11 milky “geodomes” Basecamp had built.

“They are quite prominent and really quite ugly.”

Governor Gordon is part of the State Board of Land Commissioners consisting of Gordon, Auditor Kristi Racines, Treasurer Curt Meier, Secretary of State Chuck Gray, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Megan Degenfelder.

The video below is NOT of the site in question but is in Teton Village. 

They are Wyoming's five top elected officials responsible for deciding what happens on state trust land, which is managed to raise money for Wyoming’s schools.

But Gordon’s reaction showed how controversial this development is in Teton County.

The governor is probably not against "glamping."

He, along with other folks in the area, like the idea of attracting tourists to experience Wyoming, and the beauty of the Tetons.

But this development, according to the governor and some others, is not exactly pleasing to the eye.

This video, below, shows glamping that blends in much better with the Wyoming landscape.

The structures in question are round bubble structures that don't actually blend in with the landscape.

That's why the governor described them as pimples. 

Big white, puss-filled PIMPLES!

Those are not his exact words, but that's the image that he was going for.

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