Have you ever heard of the .500 Linebaughs?

It's a heck of a gun, to put it mildly.

The bullets are so big, the gun is so powerful, you might look at it and think - WHY?

Why so big?

What's the point?!

Well, the bigger, the louder, IS THE POINT!

Wyoming's newspaper The Cody Enterprise featured an article about the man who created a couple of the most STUPIDLY powerful handguns EVER!

I say STUPID in a good way, in this case.

It was John Linebaugh of Cody Wyoming who created the famous .500 and .475 Linebaughs.

These guns — “packable, practical and powerful,” Linebaugh told the Cody Enterprise in 1990 — quickly became favorites of handgun users around the world.

“The .475 and .500 Linebaughs have shot entirely through elephants, been carried alone against cape buffalo, and ... have made the name of their maker known around the world,” Editor Ray Ordorica wrote in the 1996 book “Handguns ‘96,” which is available in the Park County Archives. “... The world knows John Linebaugh today because he had a good idea and the integrity and guts to see it through.” (The Cody Enterprise).

These guns were created by a man who had ZERO formal training in making anything like this.

He just had an idea and decided to go for it.

That's what America is all about, after all.

attachment-Biggest Handgun Youtube

“I had no formal machine shop training at all,” Linebaugh said.

“If Dirty Harry was still working, he’d be using a .475 Linebaugh,” Wiley Clapp wrote in a 2002 “Guns and Ammo” article.

Well - we just have to see these things in action, don't we?

That's why there are several videos of these guns in this post.

Watch this guy, in the video below, try to hold on to that gun as he pulls the trigger.

Guns like this are created, and loved, because... WHY THE HELL NOT?

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