The folks from the Wyoming Lottery are still looking for someone who won MILLIONS! 

But they don't know it.

For several months now somebody has been holding a winning ticket worth $3,564,227.

The clock is ticking on claiming that prize.

The deadline is mid-October.

When a prize is not claimed it goes back into the lottery fund, and some of the Wyoming state projects it is meant for.

The winning ticket was sold in Casper, Wyoming.

It was sold at the Loaf & Jug store on the corner of Wyoming Blv and 15th St.

Photo By Tim Madese
Photo By Tim Madese

Wyo Lotto CEO Jon Clontz joined Wyoming's radio talk host, Glenn Woods, on location at the Loaf & Jug where the ticket was sold.

Together they put out a call over Town Square Media's many Wyoming radio stations and websites, to CHECK YOUR TICKETS!

It is rare to have a winning ticket NOT claimed, or claimed late.

But it has happened.

In one case someone has the winning ticket sitting on the dash of their pickup truck.

They finally decided to check it, assuming it was not going to be the winning ticket.

Rarely is someone so happy to be WRONG!

Wouldn't you know it, this is the biggest Cowboy Draw ticket in the state's history.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

Somebody has no idea that they are now RICH!

The ticket is a Cowboy Draw sold on April 17th in Casper, Wyoming.

If you find that YOU have it, and by the way that makes me your new best friend, you'll have to go to the lottery office in Cheyenne to collect your winnings.

Afraid you live too far away and your car won't survive the trip?

Don't worry, just buy a new car while you're there.

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