I'll tell you a secret: When it comes to the great outdoors so many of us miss gorgeous walking trails, insane sights of nature, and hidden art.

Ayres Natural Bridge in Wyoming is defiantly one of the most beautiful spots in the state. This place is good for the soul.

Yet so many visitors just jump out, take pictures, maybe eat a quick lunch, and go. What a shame!

This area was designed by nature and man as a place to soak in the vibes and explore. So, the last time I was there that is what I did.

Ayres Natural Bridge is easy to get to. You can follow the map at this link. The road out there used to be dirt but now it is newly paved and an easy, beautiful drive.

Look for buffalo in the fields on your way out. Look at the map and you'll see a side excursion to an Oregon Trail Monument not far off the route.

Here are just a few of the hidden treasures that most people miss when they rush through their visit to Wyoming's Ayres Natural Bridge.

The Hidden Treasures Of Wyoming's Natural Bridge

Look closely, there are gems you might miss.

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