It was named that because that is the shopping day when retailers’ accounts went from being “in the red” to “in the black”.

For shoppers, it usually means getting a black eye while trying to score that Barbie Doll for your little girl. If only she knew about the stranger Daddy had to beat up to get it.

So how do you get to the store and get the deals you want without violence? Well, not sure I can help you there. But here are a few ideas:

You could just stay home and shop online.

But some out there like a good physical challenge.


Get a floor plan of the store and know where the items you want are before they open the doors. That way you can rush right to it, no hunting for what's on your list.


Wear a heavy jacket and pants. That will help you hide knee pads, elbow pads, and a protective body vest meant for motocross motorcycle riders.


There are absolutely NO RULES saying you can't coordinate with friends and family. Work together like a football team clearing the path to get the quarterback to the goal. Take turns making sure each member of the group gets to what they need.


Did you just plow somebody down with your cart to get at something? Never look back. You'll just feel guilty and want to stop. Keep your eyes on the prize.


Just because it's in somebody else's cart doesn't mean you can grab it and get away before they can react. It's not shoplifting. You plan to pay for it, after all.


Remember to say to that special someone who gets these gifts, "YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I HAD TO DO TO GET THAT FOR YOU?"

Now you can hang that over their head until next year.

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