What part of Wyoming are you in?

Where you are will say a lot about the types of things and people you will find around you.

Not really sure who created this Map/Meme, but someone decided to divide it by types of people and jobs.

Looking at this map you might get the idea that they are not entirely wrong.

They might have exaggerated a bit - maybe.

Let's start with the bottom right corner of the map, around Laramie County and Cheyenne.


attachment-Wyo Map 1

That's not wrong but nothing is said about the state capital.

For Cheyenne, I would have put Lawyers and Lobbyists.

Or how about "Northern Colorado."

As for the city of Laramie, outlined in red is HIPPIES!

Again, not wrong.

attachment-Wyo Map 2

More to the west you'll see Red Desert -  REDNECKS!

There are lots of Rednecks on this map.

Bottom left of the map - CRAZIES!

Not sure what is meant by "CRAZIES" but, again, not entirely wrong.

attachment-Wyo Map 3

Moving up the west side of Wyoming we see MORMONS, RICH PEOPLE, TOURIST!

For Teton County, they could have put NEW CALIFORNIA.

The center of the state apparently has lots of "REDNECKS."

Ranching Rednecks, Mountain Rednecks, and Oilfield Rednecks.

The east side of Wyoming has, apparently, Mining Rednecks and Farming Rednecks.

attachment-Wyo Map 4

So - what have we learned here?

Someone thinks that Wyoming is filled with REDNECKS!

It might look like that to anyone who has never taken a close look at the state.

They might want to consider the difference between Rednecks and Roughnecks.

What about Indians? There are plenty of those in central Wyoming.

There needs to be a few circles pointing out where the HERMITS are. There are a lot of hermits in Wyoming. They are in the least populated areas and, actually, they don't want to be pointed out, so... nevermind.

Reading The Past - Chugwater Wyoming Newspaper

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It was, in most case, the only news they had from outside their little ranch or town.

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