The current, and longest-reining champion of hide and seek is still BIGFOOT!

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. swears to you that, "Bigfoot is on the verge of discovery."

If you like Bigfoot stories and blurry videos of, lord only knows what we are really looking at, you'll want to join this group on Facebook or follow their blog.

They have LOADS of videos for you to explore.

Judge for yourself if they are legit or not.

Join in their discussions. Maybe just read along for the pure pleasure of it.

Their trail cam videos commentary of what you will see.

Below is their introductory video, telling you what they are looking for and what they believe.

Unfortunately, many of their videos have a host standing in an area where a claim of a bigfoot was made. But they don't show any evidence.

A search for Sasquatch in the Rocky Mountains & Pacific NW.

Bigfoot is on the verge of discovery.

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The video below was taken in Montana.

Is this an actual Bigfoot - footprint?

Honestly - I don't think he has anything here.

You be the judge.

Use the search option on their YouTube page to select what region, state, or type of story you want to see.

I'll give the group this, they have a great sense of humor.

Their Facebook page is filled with Bigfoot memes.

It's important to take what you do seriously, but make sure to never stop laughing at the same time.

So spend some time watching their videos, but then go back and laugh your foot off at these Bigfoot memes.


Whatever you think of this mysterious creature, real or not, this group wants you to have fun with it.

If you believe, just keep on believing, and keep on searching.

Remember to go hiking with bear spray.

But keep a camera handy.

You never know when you'll get a chance to shoot your own blurry photo or video.


Life-Size Bigfoot

Bigfoot Underwear Is Real

We can't find Bigfoot. But we found his underwear.