PacifiCorp is Rocky Mountain Power's parent company.

They have just issued changes to their energy strategy.

This news from PacifiCorp is opposite to what we have been told the energy trend is supposed to be.

They have decided to scale back on wind and solar while increasing productivity at their coal and gas power plants.

This will be done by extending the lifespan of their Jim Bridger, Naughton, and Wyodak facilities in Wyoming and coal plants in Utah.

This is partly due to Wyoming's law requiring utilities to seek carbon capture utilization and storage technology.

This move appeases those who believe that CO2 is a pollutant and is causing a "climate crisis."

But carbon capture is expensive.


It will cost up to $1 billion per carbon capture unit, which will be passed on to the ratepayers.

Wind and solar farms will expand around the region as long as the federal government continues to subsidize the industry.

With the nation over $35 trillion in debt, and the federal government borrowing nearly 1 trillion dollars a year just to pay the interest on that debt, how long can those subsidies last?

When we include unfunded liabilities, it's more like $214 trillion of national debt.

The North American Electric Reliability Corp. monitors America's eclectic grid. They say that many areas of the country face a growing risk of rolling blackouts due to the unreliability of wind and solar power.

Angry woman boring during a blackout in the night

The effect of wind and solar energy on power rates is also a concern. States like California, which have attempted to rely on only wind and solar, have not only an increasingly unreliable power grind, but also the nation's highest electricity cost.

Legislation has emerged in at least 11 states: Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Utah and Wyoming to preserve electricity reliability.

The proposed bill that is being shared among these states is to preserve "traditional power plants" — defined as coal, natural gas, nuclear, and hydropower — to ensure electricity reliability.


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