There are lots of maps out there that break down each state by, food, clothing, weather, and so much more.

This map purports to know the scariest thing in each state.

I think they got Wyoming wrong.

The scariest thing in Wyoming IS NOT Devil's Tower.

We could list grizzly bears or mountain lions as the scariest thing in Wyoming.

Sub-zero temperatures or winter driving come to mind.

But... Devils Tower?

Have you ever been there? It's not scary.

Scared six year old girl with hands covering mouth.
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Let's think for a moment, what would be the scariest thing in Wyoming?

1. People moving here from out of state and wanting to change our way of life.

2. TOURISTS! They can be really scary.

3. Having to use a toilet really badly but being out on a highway in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to hide behind after you pull over.

4. People from Colorado coming up to visit and deciding they like it here. (Refer to scary thing #1).

5. A Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. Don't know whether to laugh, cry, or scream.

6. Another wind farm under construction.


7). Maybe I should throw Bigfoot in here at this point.

8). Seeing the launch of Wyoming's thermal nuclear devices. We all know that if they are going out some are coming in.

9). Driving Interstate 80 during winter.

This is the shortlist.

I'm sure everything here is too wordy to be placed on that little map.

But please don't tell us that Devil's Tower is scary.

OBVIOUSLY, we have bigger things to worry about here in Wyoming.

And no, we don't worry much about Yellowstone blowing up.

We are actually looking forward to that.

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