It happened a couple of weeks ago.

I knew we had entered into Spring in Wyoming when the first bug splattered across my windshield.

That's how it starts.

The last trip down Interstate-25 between Cheyenne and Casper showed that we are in full swing of spring.

That windshield was a mess and it was going to take a lot of elbow grease to clean it, and the grill.

You know where you are in Wyoming by the type of windshield bug splatter you get.

You'll like the short bug splatter video below because it's really gross.

Typically we get big bug splatter in the prairie areas.

The larger, grass-dwelling bugs tend to have a lot of meat on them.

Some of them can fly and if they get out over the road you'll get a loud crack of their exoskeleton breaking along with a lot of gut juice.

Follow this link to find out what these bugs look like. Then you can astound the people in the car with you with your amazing knowledge of windshield bug splatter.

Areas with more trees and bushes tend to bring a softer, mostly sloppy splat sound with a good streaking gew.

Follow this link to Flying Bugs of Wyoming.

On the north end of Glendo, Interstate 25 is a marshy area.

That means lots of little knat-like bugs.

Your windshield will fill with the tiniest little splats and lots of them.

By now you're probably thinking I've overthought this.

Yeah, I have.

But here in Wyoming, we have a lot of windshield time on the highways and that means a lot of time to consider things like this.

The best way to clean that drying gut splatter from your vehicle is with a simple mixture of warm water and dish soap.

If that doesn't remove everything and you need something stronger, try using white vinegar.

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Even great art.

Other times it's just an interesting message.

Grifiti art exhibit on wheels passing through America pauses in Wyoming

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