Wyoming's Teton County Sheriff's Office has a funny way of showing what each person's responsibility is on the road.

Even if you're the person in the back seat, you have an important role.

The driver needs to focus on driving.

What about the rest of you?

I'm telling you, America's highways would be a lot safer if we all practiced our assigned jobs before we took a trip.

Follow the graphic below.

attachment-Your role in a car NHTSA

YES, the passenger in the seat up front. by the driver, must possess "MAD DJ SKILLS." Can't have somebody up there who's picking CRAP to play on the radio. Crap on the radio leads to arguments in the car, distracted driving, and traffic accidents.

At the same time, the front-seat passenger must know how to navigate. This means knowing the route as well as knowing how to warn the driver when a turn is coming up so that said driver has plenty of time to react.

This all-important role of front-seat passenger or co-pilot is in charge of temperature control and is also the "designated texter" for the driver.

But just because you're in the back seat don't think you're off the hook.

Backseat passengers are in charge of "SNACKAGE!"

Also making faces at snot nose kids in other cars and asking "Are we there yet?"

If there is a baby or a puppy in the car, (those are the same thing really) they are in charge of that too.

Somebody has to change diapers or tell the driver that the dog needs to poop.

So, before your next road trip, review your roles and take them seriously.

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