Okay guys, here comes THAT day.


Yeah, the pressure is on.

If you're here in Wyoming you might find yourself staring at one of the many pretty cowgirls we have and wondering, how do I get one of those?

Not to worry, we have a handy guide for you on how to win the heart of a Wyoming cowgirl.

Step-by-step instructions to win a cowgirl

1. Be a go-getter 

True cowgirls are hands-on kind of people. They like to get things done on their own and they like a guy who is the same. If you're on a date with her and you get a flat tire, you'll find her fixing it right alongside you. Let her help. But you'll lose her if you let her do all the work.

2. Confidence is key

Self-confidence is Crucial. Cowgirls aren't that into shy guys. They like direct and honest, but not a cocky jerk.

3. Follow through

Be Trustworthy. Keep your word and have a good reputation.

4. A sense of humor

Flirting is done by making honest jokes about daily things. Keep her laughing.

5. Keep your cool

Be resourceful. Tough times will happen. She wants a man who doesn't get all emotional. She wants to see a guy who can cowboy up and solve what seemed impossible a moment ago.

6. Bring a good steed

Pick her up in an old pickup truck on your first date. She'll love that.

7. Come prepared

 Driving fast and stocking up on good, cheap beer is the best kind of flirting.

8. Keep it simple

You don't really need all the bells and whistles. Rich doesn't impress her, sensible does.

See, it's not all that hard.

Just be honest, hard-working, resourceful, charming and funny.

WARNING! She might love your horse or dog more than you. You'll have to deal with that.

If you do get a true cowgirl, congratulations. She's worth the work.

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