Charlie Brown proved it, a Christmas Tree doesn't need to be perfect, to be the perfect tree.

Ugly trees need love too.

Ugly trees tend to make people make weird noises like "AWWW."

So why spend so much time and money looking for the perfect tree?

Take that ugly tree home.

Show it some love.

It will make you feel like you did something special this Christmas.

Besides, all Christmas trees end up looking ugly in the end.

Did you know you can buy a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and set it up every year? Watch the video below to find out.

Okay, not bad, but I think you can find a really ugly little tree that looks much better than that one that comes by mail in a box.

Downtown Orillia Business Improvement Area, Orillia Ontario, the tree was dying, according to Downtown BIA chair Michael Fredson.

"The tree is not in really good health. It's dying. So, it was like, 'Let's try this,'" Fredson told CBC News. "Um, so ya, we did. We did try this."

"You know you messed up when you get a Canadian mad enough to say 'hell'," late-night talk-show host Jimmy Fallon said in a bit on The Tonight Show, as videos of the incident made their way around the internet.

This might have been the biggest ugly Christmas tree EVER, and people loved it.

But hold on, there are other ways to make an ugly Christmas tree.

Some folks like to try new things, which is good, except when it goes wrong.

Have you ever been to a store and seen a tree painted in different colors?

Did that work for you?

Sometimes it does.

It really depends on your taste in colors and trees.

Personally, I hate the tree in the video above, but it's your call. Everyone has their own ideas of what is pretty.

But let's get back to the point.

Charlie Brown got it right, as the good-hearted boy always did.

Not being attractive has nothing to do with the soul of a thing, or a person.

Just a little love and attention can bring out the beauty that was hidden.

Because of Charlie Brown there really isn't anyone who doesn't use the phrase Charlie Brown Christmas Tree whenever they see an ugly tree this time of year.

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