But, no. Here it comes.

The first week of April will bring snow early in the week, and some more near the end of that first week.

The following forecast is subject to change over the last few days of March, but here is the way it seems to be shaping up so far.

Monday, the 3rd of April, brings a warmer day, with temperatures in the 40's for most of the state.

You might get some rain later in the day or evening.

But then comes a blast of cold air overnight and snow.

That overnight snow might be heavy in some areas.

NOTE: This first-of-April system is still a few days away. So where and how it hits is still in question. A lot can change in the next few days.

This will be a bit of a crapshoot as to who gets how much, but some parts of Wyoming should expect heavy accumulation.

VIDEO: Don Day of Day Weather explains what's coming.

That snowfall will continue, on and off, right through Tuesday, finally tapering off Wednesday afternoon.

If you are thinking that this might be that big end-of-the-season storm we have all been waiting for, it's probably NOT! 

But it will bring a lot of snow, even if it is not THE BIG ONE!

The mountains of Wyoming will add a lot to their snowpack during this storm.

Lowland and prairie areas will get a mix, depending on how this weather event moves through.

The map below shows where it is through that the most snow might fall, next week.

But, again, we are several days out, so a lot can change between now and then.

Be prepared and watch those weather forecasts.

Those who have livestock should be prepared.

attachment-Don Day snow probability

By now you're probably wondering when THE BIG ONE actually hits us.

Long ranger forecasting shows that the right elements are moving into the right place to make such an event happen.

But that's all that can be said at this time.

When, where, and how much cannot be predicted at this time.

Hang in there. We all know it's coming.

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