Most people who visit Wyoming for the first time leave the state in AWE.

They had no idea that such a place existed, or that people still lived like this.

Drew Binsky logs his travel experiences on his YouTube page.

I just spent a week in WYOMING - the least populated state in America!! I went with my wife, Deanna, and her family (who all come from the Philippines, and it was their very first time in the USA).

Join us as we explore national parks, attend rodeos, visit trailer homes, eat Bison soup, celebrate the 4th of July, and experience all that the Wild Wild West has to offer.

After this visit, I think it's safe to say that WYOMING IS ONE OF THE BEST STATES IN AMERICA and I will be back sometime very soon!

Here is Drew's travel video.

As you can see,  he brought his family from the Philippines, and they were amazed. Wyoming is very different from where they come from.

In most cases, folks who visit here leave impressed but have no intention of coming back to live in Wyoming.

As wonderful as the state is, this lifestyle isn't for everyone.

I'll give Drew credit for taking the time to stop and visit with some locals.

His video is not just about the sights that most tourists see. It's about the experiences of the people of Wyoming to get a real flavor of the culture.

As for flavor, that includes stopping and eating at local restaurants.

If you want to really get to know a place you have to get off the tourist trails.

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