Despite Wyoming's overall altitude, it can get hot for a few weeks each summer.

There are ways to beat that heat.

Some of which are unique to states like Wyoming.

In the video below April Poley shows you what to do.

Her YouTube video page is called Moving To Wyoming.

The weather in Wyoming is unpredictable, but one thing that is almost always a guarantee is that you can escape the heat by shooting up the mountain if you have one nearby, like we do in Buffalo.

Buffalo Wyoming's best attribute is that it is just a 5-minute ride to the mountain and a 10-minute drive up it. Mountain weather is always different from the weather down below.


Watch as she demonstrates, using the thermometer in her car, how taking just a short drive up a Wyoming mountain or mountain range can drop the temperature, considerably.

Bring a lunch, lay out in the grass, wait for a bear to come by and kill you for it's lunch. (I made that last part up. She never said that).

If there's no snow (or rain) and you're not in a cloud, then as you travel up a mountain the temperature decreases by about 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit for every 1,000 feet up you go in elevation. That is 9.8°Celsius per 1,000 meters in mathematical speak.

Those numbers are typical, for standard weather conditions, and do not always apply exactly.


Sometimes temperature inversions can actually cause it to be warmer up on the mountains than down in the planes below.

That inversion most often happens in winter when fronts are moving in.

But that's a discussion for another time.

Wyoming Summer Flowers 2023

Above Chugwater Wyoming is a plateau of farms and ranches, along with a few old nuclear missile silos.

Among those farms are fields of sunflowers.

It's mid-August, 2023.

Wyoming has had one of the wettest springs, and summers, it has seen in decades.

The plateau is in bloom.

Exploring Wyoming's Alcova River Canyon