Mike Rowe knows all about dirty jobs. So does WyoTech, therefore it’s no surprise that the automotive school was the recipient of 8% of the Mike Rowe Work Ethic scholarship, which awarded $1,000,000 in scholarships to 200 recipients. 

The recipients spanned 41 states and 15 different trade programs. Of the 200 winners, 16 of them are WyoTech students. Ashley Chitwood, Vice President of Marketing said. 

WyoTech standards align with the Mike Rowe philosophy. “WyoTech has great pride in finding the right students for our program. Our professionalism standards, attendance policies, and full-time eight-hour day set our students apart from other schools.”

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An approved trade program such as WyoTech, not a four-year bachelor’s is one of the requirements. So is the “S.W.E.A.T.” pledge: Skill and Work Aren’t Taboo. The Mike Rowe Works Foundation website explains the pledge as vowing “Not to become a lazy, self-entitled drone that blames others for their troubles and expects to be taken care of.”

Mike Rowe of the TV show “Dirty Jobs” showcases various dirty, unique, and difficult jobs in America, often in the labor trades. 

Chitwood said, “Wyotech believes America was built on trades and there is no doubt this nation is going to continue to need it, which means as a nation, we should respect the post-secondary options for a lucrative path in the trades.” 

Wyotech offers a variety of automotive specialties for many career paths, which differ greatly from most traditional 4-year programs. Chitwood stressed the importance of keeping trade work recognized and supported. 

“The tides are shifting in America where the removal of trades education from classrooms is threatening access to some of our basic, daily needs. Without technicians your car won’t be serviced, your Amazon packages will run behind, and your groceries won’t arrive. Those are just a few examples of how the transportation system relies on what Wyotech provides.”

“WyoTech believes there is a time and a place for every form of education. Specifically, an education that aligns with the student’s passions, earning objectives, and future goals,” she added. 

To see the list of WyoTech scholarship winners, visit the Mike Row Works Foundation website here

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