Few things capture the essence of the holidays better than Christmas decorations. Glowing baubles and twinkling fairy lights illuminate the city streets, inflatable Santas and reindeer cheerily wave from yards and window displays. This time of year, decorated homes and businesses are a feast for the eyes - and, thanks to Visit Laramie, touring the best of the Gem City's holiday displays has gotten easier this year.

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Visit Laramie 'Best Christmas Light Display' Map

As much fun as driving around for hours on a mission to discover beautiful holiday light displays, it's not exactly cost-effective. With the price of gas these days, wouldn't you rather map out the route, avoid any light-less and undecorated detours, and save some fuel?

DID YOU KNOW? A friend of Thomas Edison (credited with inventing the light bulb) invented the Christmas light string. Edward H. Johnson, who worked with Edison at Edison’s Illumination Company, hand-wired the first string of electric Christmas tree lights together in 1882, reports the Library of Congress.

Thanks to Vist Laramie, you can. They've put together a list of the 'best' Christmas light displays in town, built from the suggestions of Laramie residents. The list currently features twelve houses throughout the city. The stops include the gorgeous displays at the Winter Lights Festival at Washington Park and the Wyoming Territorial Prison - both of which you can hop out of the car and take a stroll through.

You'll also find fabulously festive displays at:

Find the mapped-out tour by clicking here.



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