Downtown Laramie's parking scene has gotten a whole lot bigger (and frankly, better) with the addition of parking lots in the heart of the city. They make parking so much easier for your visits to the Gem City's downtown shops and restaurants. And now, you can win prizes for just parking in those lots. I know, mind blown, right?

Now you're wondering, "How does one go about getting those prizes? And why are there prizes for using parking lots in the first place?" Excellent questions.

The Laramie Main Street Alliance has worked diligently to make the Gem City's downtown scene an enjoyable, stress-free experience with the new lots (there's nothing worse than going street-to-street to find parking.)

To promote the new parking locations and encourage their use, the LMSA said in a press release it is "proud to announce an exciting reward program for individuals who choose to utilize these new downtown parking lots instead of street parking." The LMSA parking initiative works to encourage folks to use the new lots and increase the "convenience and efficiency in the downtown area." The LMSA described using the lots as "good parking behavior" in the press release.

How to Park and Get Reward in Downtown Laramie

The rewards program for parking in Downtown Laramie lots began on October 25. While in effect, the program will randomly award folks using the parking lots with a gift certificate to Downtown Laramie businesses. Laramie Main Street Alliance staff and dedicated volunteers began randomly awarding the public with downtown gift certificates as a token of appreciation for their support."

Business owners have reacted positively to the initiative. Laren Voigt, owner of Second Story Books, described the program as "fun and important to provide short-term parking for downtown customers." 

Carrie Hanson, owner of the Chocolate Cellar, noted that the new parking saves spaces on the streets for folks in need of closer parking, saying, "By parking in one of the lots, you might soon enjoy that coffee, lunch, new…free, plus as you come and go from the parking lot you can check out the windows being transformed for the HOLIDAYS! Thank you for saving the spaces on the street for customers, especially our older ones; they really appreciate a short walk."

Where to Find Downtown Laramie Parking Lots:

  • Moose Parking Lot: 4th and University
  • Bison Lot: 1st and University
  • Trout Lot: 1st and Garfield
  • Sage Lot: 2nd and Custer
  • Jackalope: Between 1st and Garfield and 1st and Custer, next to Depot Park

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Gallery Credit: Phylicia Peterson, Townsquare Media Laramie/Cheyenne