The Albany County School Board is seeking community input next week to discuss the proposed Strategic Plan for improving the trajectory of ACDD1. The Community Open House meeting will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 19 at Laramie Middle School from 6:30-7:30 p.m

The five-year research-based Strategic Plan (view plan here) the Albany County School Board and Superintendant John Goldhardt have compiled is a result of data-gathering and “a truly collaborative process anchored to culture/climate research we conducted, as well as the voices of our community.” 

The plan has four goals:

  1. Classrooms are learner-centered
  2. Structures will be in place to support the health and well-being of students and staff
  3. Educators are valued, supported, and empowered to realize a learner-centered approach
  4. ACSD1 community embraces the unique needs of all to create a sense of belonging for all stakeholders
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A Culture and Climate Study was done by Hanover Research in 2022. Concerns outlined were management of student conduct and behavior; perception of how teachers are valued and supported; and students’ sense of belonging and support in schools, 

This spring, ACSD1 worked with 2Revolutions to conduct employee and community interviews. Fewer than 20 people were part of the Community Planning Group to help build the Strategic Plan for ACSD1. 

“With a wide array of data gathered, we put out a call for volunteers to staff our Community Planning Group. A diverse group of over 50 individuals applied, and ultimately, 19 members were chosen representing a range of stakeholder groups, including students, staff, school leadership, district leadership, board members, parents, and community members. This group met and analyzed all of the gathered data to develop a bold and comprehensive plan.”

This was the group Trustee Janice Marshall inquired about but was told it was confidential, prompting her to say “This entire process has lacked transparency.”

The plan has detailed goals and definitions for the improvement of ACSD1. In order to learn more about the plan for the proposed future of the district, attend the open house on Tuesday. 

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