The Wyoming-centric WyoLotto game, Cowboy Draw, has a current estimated jackpot of $3,115,000.

The highest the jackpot has ever been for the Cowboy Draw was $3.3 million back on December 6th, 2018. That winning ticket was purchased at Ridley’s Family Markets, located at 300 East Wyoming Blvd. in Casper.

On Friday, the official WyoLotto Facebook page posted a photo and message that listed recent winners throughout the state, which stated:

Did ya hear? The Cowboy Draw jackpot is still growin' and is getting that much closer to the highest we've ever had! Yesterday we had multiple $1,000 winners in... Jackson, Moorcroft, Cody, Gillette, Sheridan, Cheyenne, Pine Bluffs and Casper! So are YOU ready to be a Wyolotto Millionaire?!

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The next drawing is today (Monday, March 27th, 2023), at 2:00 pm.

According the official WyoLotto website, they've given back over $30 million since 2013.

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