There are a lot of videos out there explaining why you shouldn't move to Wyoming. Some of them are accurate and from a Wyomingities point of view, but most are from outsiders that have either never spent any real time in the Cowboy State, or they gleaned all their information strictly off the internet.

A new video posted by popular educational and entertainment YouTube channel, World According To Briggs, lists the "Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to Wyoming".

Considering he has a multitude of subscribers (over 1.14 million), and most of the things on his channel are helpful, I figured I'd give the video a watch. It is worth noting that right from the beginning he made fatal mistake by calling Wyoming residents "Wyomians". A two-second Google search could have saved him from making that mistake, but alas, I continued to watch.

It's also worth noting, his intro for his sponsor goes on way too long. If you want to get to the meat and potatoes of the video, start at the 2:29 point.

I will give Mr. Briggs credit though. He did put some good notes in the video's description, no doubt as a safety net, but he gets props for doing it anyway. He stated:

If you are considering moving to Casper, WY, Cheyenne, Cody, or even Jackson, Wyoming, this list is for you. Before you call a Wyoming Realtor, you should watch this video.

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While I am curious to which and how many Wyomingites were surveyed, at least a good portion (maybe half), of this video was accurate.

That's better than most of the outsider's videos on why people shouldn't move here.

Let folks keep making these. Maybe it will help keep our population down.

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