For some, it is just another day, but for others, it is the return of sweet and savory barbeque goodness.

The famous (or infamous), McRib pork sandwich is back in (most) Wyoming area McDonald's locations for a limited time.

You may remember this time last year (November 2022), good ole Mickey D's was announcing the McRib was back, but it was its farewell tour, which was their not so subtle way at hinting that it was gone for good.

As we can now see, that is not the case.

Warning: you may or may not be able able to see the McRib's availability on the McDonald's websites, but you can 100% find it on their app, and obviously on the signage at participating locations.

The Return of the McRib
McDonald's App

In case you are a super fan of the sandwich, like myself (please, don't judge), there is actually a McRib Locator website. It does not appear to be a McDonald's sanctioned site, but it is pretty accurate. I personally checked it yesterday (Monday, November 13th, 2023), and it said the sandwich was scheduled to return yesterday. It was only a day off. That's not bad.

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McDonald's has definitely been keeping themselves in the forefront, and not just with commercials and social media. If you have been watching season two of Loki on Disney+, the chain fast food restaurant has pretty much been a staple throughout all six episodes. By the way, all episodes are streaming now for your binge worthy pleasure, and no spoilers here, but you are in for wild ride!

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