One of my favorite things about traveling throughout the state is getting a chance to sample new and different eateries.

After a recent trip to Cheyenne, I may have found my new favorite spot, at least when it comes to brunch.

A close friend introduced me to the Epic Egg. As breakfast is quite easily my favorite meal of the day, I was eager to try them out. As a fan of corned beef hash, I had to try theirs, which is house made and covered in a creamy lemon hollandaise sauce.

It's also worth noting that I ordered my eggs over medium. I judge a breakfast restaurant by the quality of their over medium eggs, because it's an item that often gets prepared incorrectly. There's a very small window between over easy, over medium and over hard eggs, so making the perfect over medium eggs is often a lost artform. Epic Egg made them perfectly!

I also had to try their featured item, the "Boss Bacon". It's a thicker cut of bacon, infused (marinated maybe?) with maple syrup and red pepper flakes, which gives it that sweet, savory and just a little bit of spicy flavor. It can be argued that it was the best bacon I've had, possibly ever!

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I washed it all down with a Boss Lady, which is Bloody Mary that also includes their Boss Bacon, a dill pickle spear, vodka and their house made Epic Egg Bloody Mary Mix.

In my travels, I have quite a few favorite brunch spots, like Snooze an A.M. Eatery and Denver Biscuit Company (both of which are located in Denver, Colorado), and local Casper favorites, like Occasions by CoryEggington's and Wyoming Rib & Chop House, but Epic Egg is bar far my new Cheyenne favorite.

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