If you happened to be awake late enough (or earlier enough, depending on how you look at it), you might have the meteor, with the naked eye, lighting up the night sky of Casper in the morning hours of Monday, April 29th, 2024.

Casper resident, Jaime Cronin, captured some awesome video footage of the meteor on her Nest security camera. Jaime stated the video took place around 2:35 am.

The official US National Weather Service Riverton Wyoming Facebook page posted a screenshot of their camera along with a caption that read:

Hey all! On Monday, April 29, at 0235 AM, some of you in central and eastern WY may have seen a bright flash and/or heard a loud boom. After checking a couple reports and checking local cameras, we did find that a meteor did speed through at that time. Rough estimate is that it passed somewhere between Casper and Douglas, moving south to north. If you have any reports, we direct you to the American Meteor Society at amsmeteors.org. You can add your sighting reports there, along with any video you may have captured. Pictured below is a screen capture from our camera here at NWS Riverton, showing how the meteor lit up the sky as it broke apart.

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Did you have the pleasure of witnessing the meteor shower live?

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