So, apparently, the U.S. is catching on to something Wyoming already knows... Laramie is one of the "best college towns" in the country for 2023. That's according to a new survey by Wallethub, which dives into the best college towns for 2023 prospective students and why they're so great for students.

Why Laramie Ranks In the Top 100 Best College Towns of 2023

According to WalletHub, Laramie ranks as a great college town because of its Wallet Friendliness, Social Environment, and Academic & Economic Opportunities.

I mean, we already knew that, right?

But what surprised me was that Laramie's Social Environment ranked higher than it's Wallet Friendliness. UW does have some of the least expensive tuition in the country. But, Wallethub gives Laramie's Social Environment a ranking of 59, and the Wallet Friendliness and 80 - lower numbers indicate better rankings.

I can see it, though. Laramie has a hopping downtown with ample restaurants, entertainment, and shopping to keep a college student busy. Plus, UW offers a ton of activities and clubs for students to get involved in. And these days, rent is tough pretty much everywhere.

Overall, Laramie ranks 69 in the country for "Best College Towns."

KOWB 1290 logo
Get our free mobile app it really fair to compare a small town like Laramie to big cities like Savannah or Dallas?

WalletHub took the liberty of comparing rankings based on city size too, and Laramie ranked even better on that list.

Laramie Ranks 29th "Best College City" Based on Size

29 out of 198 isn't too shabby, right? When compared based on city size, Laramie ranks up there with Louisville, KY, and Santa Clara, CA, and sits comfortably in the Top 30 Best College Towns for 2023.

But enough about numbers. Here's why think Laramie is a Top College Town:

10 Reasons Laramie is a Top Town for College Students

Laramie's an epic town for college students at the University of Wyoming - here's why.