Over the years, Wyoming has been the subject of many different TV shows, movies, and books. A few times, the books have been the inspiration for the shows.

I'm a big fan of two of those book-to-show options, Longmire and Joe Pickett.

Check Out The Trailer's For Two Of Wyoming's Popular Shows

Author Craig Johnson created Longmire, and author CJ Box created Joe Pickett. There haven't been new episodes of the Longmire TV/ Netflix series in almost seven years, and we just found out last fall that the Joe Pickett series was not being renewed. Even though those TV series' aren't happening, that doesn't mean Longmire and Joe Pickett have gone away. Both authors, Johnson and Box, are still creating adventures, crimes to solve, and tough situations to escape for both characters.

From time to time, I'll re-watch both series and hope they will decide they made big mistakes in not renewing them. I got down a YouTube rabbit hole the other day and watched the trailer for both shows. It's fun to try to tell yourself that you know nothing about the show and let the trailer grab your attention.

I get fired up every time I watch the trailers for both shows. Do you remember the first time you saw them?

Here's your chance to check both out, and maybe it will get you excited to re-watch the shows.

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