Expressing your love for something is hard to do. When you're asked to use 5 words or less to do it, it is extremely hard to do, especially when the something is the great state of Wyoming.

If you live in Wyoming, more times than not, you really love living in Wyoming. I get that there are rare occasions when someone isn't thrilled to live here. Jobs, family issues or health issues are a few of the "not-so-pleasant" reasons people move here, but of the other 575,000 of us, we're here because we want to be in this great state.

We did our own poll to get to the bottom of the most popular reasons that Wyomingites love to live here. You may be surprised that more than one person said the "W" word! Yep, the howling wind is high on the love list of a few people. You probably won't be surprised that wildlife, mountains and the states low population were among the most common answers.

What about you? Could you use only 5 words to describe what feature, attraction or inhabitant of the state is why you love it?

I tried a couple different times and came up with these 5 words to describe why I love it here.

Adventure, Beauty, Outdoors and Wyomingites.

When I thought up these words I made them to represent categories, which in turn have way more than 5 words in them.

Here's a breakdown of my 5 "WORDS"

Adventure - Road Trips, Historical Sites, Arts & Entertainment and Beer

Beauty - Sunrises, Sunsets, Landscapes, Mountains, Colors, Big Skies and Wildlife

Outdoors - Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Riding, Swimming, Floating, Boating and Rodeos

Wyomingites - Some of the best people I've met live in the borders of Wyoming.

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