As we approach the 4th of July the planning has begun.

Wyoming and Colorado compete on lots of things, but the Greenies don't come close when it comes to celebrating the 4th.

In Wyoming we start thinking of where we are going to buy fireworks, how many paychecks we're spending on them and where's the best, safest and legal place to shoot them off. You're also thinking about the food you're cooking, beer your drinking and which LARGE display you're going to be watching after you've launched your cache of explosives.

If you're in Colorado, you're wondering how awesome it must be to be in Wyoming on the 4th of July and probably start looking if there's any way possible you can book a hotel, cabin or campsite in the Cowboy State.

It's a bit goofy that you can buy fireworks in Colorado...if you don't live in Colorado. Yep, Wyomingites can cruise south, buy as many fireworks and types of fireworks they want and it's fine. If you live in Colorado, you can buy sparklers, snakes and snaps...BUT NOTHING that explodes.

If you don't believe me, Colorado's "Dude Dad" proves that Wyoming will #MERICA up the 4th of July, much bigger and better than Colorado.

Even though we love to celebrate the 4th of July all over the country, there are certain safety rules you'll need to follow.

In Wyoming, you're not allowed to shoot fireworks everywhere, so you want to make sure you're in an area that allows them. Many times fireworks are not allowed in city limits without a permit.

Every county has different rules and regulations for fireworks.

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