One of the biggest arguments about going shopping at many Wyoming stores is self-checkout.

You either love it or hate it and here in Wyoming, there seems to be more people that hate it.

It's taking people's jobs


I'm spending money in the store, why do I have to work there too?


It's not my job to check myself out


It's a pain in the butt. I always have to get help and it takes longer.

A report in the New York Times says that because customers think they're not being watched since they're using the self-checkout lanes, that it will be easier for them to shoplift. Since shoplifting is a concern, a former Walmart employee has revealed a few secrets of how technology at the store is used to try and stop shoplifters.

The ex-worker named Athenia, put a video on TikTok saying that even though an employee isn't scanning your items, they're able to see every item you're scanning by using what she calls a TC device. This device is a lot like an iPad and allows the employee to see what you're purchasing, how much the items are and can even cause your scanner to jam up if something seems off.

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Walmart is working to combat shoplifting by putting all kinds of security measures in place. Not only by giving the self-checkout employee the technology to be able to stop your transaction, but placing large security monitors in the self-checkout isle and every scanner has you on camera while you're checking out.

The former Walmart employee, Athenia, ends by saying:

My whole thing with this is; do not steal from Walmart self-checkouts, they can see everything that you're purchasing and everything that you're scanning. So I highly recommend you not steal from Walmart.

Shoplifting has become such an issue in some parts of the country, and some stores not performing well, Walmart has been forced to close quite a few stores.

The next time you're shopping at any Wyoming Walmart and use the self-checkout, don't try to walk out without paying for something. You're on video and the store is monitoring your transaction.

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