It's a bittersweet time for fans of Yellowstone National Park, winter is coming. It happens every year and means the end of heavy tourist season and a chance for the park to recover from a summer that's seen millions of people come through the gates.

The last day that visitors will be able to drive through the west, south and east entrances will be October 31st.  The park closes these entrances at this time every year so they can begin preparing for winter season. Many parts of the park have already seen significant snow and more is on the way, so safety is a big concern.

Most entrances and roads in Yellowstone National Park will be closed Nov. 1; Last day for visitors to enjoy most of the park will be Oct. 31
The West, South and East entrances and nearly all roads in Yellowstone will be closed to regular vehicle traffic Nov. 1. The park annually closes roads at this time of year to prepare them for the winter season and snowmobile and snowcoach travel, which will begin Dec. 15. The last day for visitors to drive most park roads will be Tuesday, Oct. 31.
The only roads open year-round are between the North Entrance in Gardiner, Montana, and the Northeast Entrance in Cooke City/Silver Gate, Montana (via Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower Junction and Lamar Valley).

The winter conditions make driving in the park dangerous and for those that are planning to go before the close, make sure you prepare for the weather, driving conditions and make sure the areas you want to go are open.

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Once November hits, your only options for entering the park are through the North Entrance at Gardiner, MT and the Northeastern Entrance at Cooke City/Silver, MT.

When the park closes, it will remain that way, until December 15th, when winter activities, begin. Snowcoach, Snowmobile and park attraction tours will run through the winter months. These guided tours are the only way you will be able to see attractions like Old Faithful.

If you're still wanting to travel to the Yellowstone area, the local communities surrounding the park are still open and have many different options available for winter fun.

You can check out these websites for information on these Yellowstone area communities.

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