Undoubtedly, people come to Wyoming thinking it will be different than it is and are disappointed.

Beautiful mountains, extraordinary lakes and reservoirs, rodeos, wildlife, history, and incredible experiences all around the state.


There's nothing to look at here; go on by. Who would want to spend time in a place like that?

Wyoming could have had it all but instead it’s just kind of eh… change my mind.

Would you visit this place if it existed?


If you watched the short video above, you're probably thinking, what the heck? You're right; these are all tongue-in-cheek reasons not to visit Wyoming.

I think my favorite 'reason not to visit' was the Big Horn Mountains are just too big and too horny. I think people use LOL a little too much, but reading that made me LOL.

The clever mind behind this account is Elisa Wharton, who, according to her profile, is a Wyoming travel blogger who loves to camp in her vintage trailer and is based out of Laramie, WY.

When you find a video like this, the comments are pretty funny.


Could have sworn have been told Wyoming isn’t real many times


From one Wyomingite to another, you’re right. This place is an actual crap hole. The pics are all photoshopped. No on needs to second guess it lol now… just leave us all alone in our little red- neck- mountain- man-cowboy world


As a Washington dude that is doing college in Sheridan, I agree no one else should come here. Crime is rampant and there are eldritch demons (the ishkabibbles that live under the cow grates) and dangerous cowboy dudes. Also everyone here is addicted to Coors lite. So to be clear if you drive a Toyota Prius a Honda Ridgeline or a tesla, you are not safe here. Also the W is just waiting to torment you.


Yeah… what a shame. I hear Nebraska is nice though!

If you plan to visit Wyoming this year, you should re-watch the video and think long and hard about it.

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