Toby Keith wrote the song 'I Should've Been A Cowboy' in minutes while sitting on the edge of a bathtub, and it's been the anthem for many who dreamt of becoming cowboys.

I should've learned to rope and ride
Wearin' my six-shooter, ridin' my pony on a cattle drive
Stealin' the young girls' hearts
Just like Gene and Roy
Singin' those campfire songs
Woah, I should've been a cowboy

For most, living the cowboy life will likely be something they'll keep dreaming about, but if you come to Wyoming, that dream can come true.

Wyoming offers many options for visiting and working as a cowboy/ cowgirl on a ranch. One of those options is the Double Rafter Cattle Drives with the Kerns family in Ranchester, WY.

The family has been ranching in the Bighorn Mountains for over 130 years and decided that if they were going to keep it up, they'd have to find ways to earn extra money. By opening up their ranch to folks who want to live the cowboy dream, they've been able to keep up their family tradition.

You can sign up for spring, summer, or fall cattle drives. Since this is a working ranch, moving the cattle needs to be done. On the drives, they move the herd from their homestead, 30 to 50 miles away, to the summer grazing pastures and back home in the fall.

It would be a great experience to live out your childhood dreams, don a cowboy hat, wranglers, and boots, and hit the dusty trail as a cowboy. Maybe we should start using Wyoming, where dreams can come true, as a slogan more often.

Here's the information you'll need to book your cowboy adventure.

Check out these videos of adventure seekers who have saddled up and learned to rope and ride.

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