I didn't know about the online video game called GeoGuessr until l was scrolling through YouTube and saw a video by a YouTube content maker named Gavin, @Chicago Geographer.

I enjoy geography and exploring, and the title of the video mentioned the word Wyoming, so I clicked on the link. What popped up next, was a video of Gavin's live stream when he was playing GeoGuessr and doing a speed run of Wyoming.

GeoGuessr is an online geography game that times you (Speed Run) to see how long it takes you to find out where you are. The game drops you somewhere on Google Maps in Wyoming and he had to find out where he was dropped, as fast as possible. You have 5 minutes to complete the game.

I have never heard of the game before this encounter, but was interested enough to see how well a guy from Chicago can find his way in Wyoming. You can tell from watching Gavin play, that he has a good strategy to find locations. As far as his knowledge of Wyoming, he mentioned that he'd been to the northern part of Wyoming to visit Devil's Tower and Hart Mountain, but that was about it.

During the 10 minute video, he played the game twice. The first time, he found his 5 locations in 4 minutes and 22 seconds. The 2nd time he played, he didn't beat his first time, but his knowledge of Wyoming is a little better now after playing GeoGuessr.

The first round of his play, his locations were:

  • Newcastle
  • Gillette
  • Douglas
  • Cheyenne (twice)

The 2nd round of play, his locations were:

  • Albin
  • Laramie
  • Chugwater
  • Rock Springs
  • Riverton

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