If you've ever seen me clean shaven and no beard, you know I really messed up while trimming. I look like a kid and I'm not sure I could even recognize myself without a beard.

Around Wyoming, you've surely seen plenty of guys rocking a full-on, Grizzly bear looking, beard. We just had our buddy Big Grizz Stovall, win the best natural 6-12" beard contest at the 2023 Honest Amish National Beard and Moustache Contest in Daytona Beach, FL.

New data has been released showing that the full beard is out as the most popular choice in Wyoming, and the moustache is in as the #1 choice of facial hair.

Actually, full beard wasn't even in the top 3.

I know, crazy right?

Across the country, it seems the goatee has taken over the #1 favorite, closely followed by the moustache.

Here in Wyoming, the top 3 are...

  1. Moustache
  2. Goatee
  3. Circle Beard
Are Full Beards A Thing Of The Past In Wyoming?

There are multiple styles of moustaches that someone can choose from and if you're needing help choosing or knowing how to style yours, I would hit up one of the moustache National Champions that calls Wyoming home, Austin Olson. He can get you going and help you decide.


@Gillette via YouTube
@Gillette via YouTube


@Gillette via YouTube
@Gillette via YouTube

There are also many ways to wear the goatee, but the most common is to shave everything but the facial hair below your mouth.


@Gillette via YouTube
@Gillette via YouTube

The circle beard, can sometimes be confused for a goatee, but is exactly what the name says, a beard that's in a circle. Moustache and goatee that's connected by hair.


Check out these videos to learn more on how to step up your facial hair game and be stay inline with the rest of Wyoming...according to this resent survey. 

The Beard and Stash Collection

Beards and mustaches come in all shapes and sizes. Probably some shapes and sizes you have never seen before.

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