Most of the time, social media drives me insane. People are bitter, opinionated, and mean, but once in a while, you see something that makes you think there is still hope for humankind.

Social media is a time killer for me. I scroll through it, looking for funny memes, dad jokes, recipes, and hacks that can make life a little easier. Some of these hacks are so simple yet effective that I wonder why I didn't think of them.

I found one that could benefit anyone who enjoys fishing and is tired of the garage cluttered with fishing poles, tackle boxes, nets, and other fishing necessities. Some people will read this and say, "I just keep my poles in my boat," or "I have way too many to use this hack," that's fine. For everyone else, this hack is for you.

Look around your garage; there is one giant moving piece that could be used for more than keeping neighbors and critters out and all of your possessions safe. That's the garage door. Press a button, and it goes up; press the button again, and it goes down. It's a pretty simple process.

Your garage door has panels and hinges that allow the door to roll up and down the track to open and close. This hack shows that those panels may have a hidden use you may not have considered.

I'm not a garage door expert, and I'm not saying you should do this; it's an option. If you were to talk to a garage door expert, they'd probably frown on it, but you can decide.

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