If you're in the older generation, your go-to was using a heavy-duty chain. That's what was in the back of your truck, hanging on the barn or garage wall, and they got the job done.

Now, you have many options to choose from if you happen to get stuck and need to get pulled out, or if you need to pull someone out of snow or mud. Getting stuck isn't something that most people enjoy happening. It's happened to the best of us, you think you can make it through the 2-foot snow drift, but you're not counting on there being a 2-foot rut under the snow.

Here in Wyoming, if you're stuck, there's a good chance someone will come along and help you out. When they stop, they're going to reach for their preferred towing tool. Is it a chain like us old schoolers did? Is it a tow strap? Or, is it a kinetic rope? There are good uses for all of those options.

Do you know the difference?

Chain -

Heavy, metal and can be expensive. A good ol' chain will work if you have one lying around.

There are some issues with using a chain according to roundforge.com. They're heavy to carry around, have workload limits that may not help in towing a larger vehicle, chains don't stretch and a 30 foot heavy-duty chain will cost big money.


Tow Strap -

Lighter weight, heavy duty and reasonably priced.

Just like with the chain, there are some problems, they are called tow straps, not recovery straps. Meaning they're great for connecting two vehicles together and towing one vehicle to another location. They're not made for the force used for jerking a stuck vehicle out of a sticky situation.


Kinetic Rope - Also known as a recovery rope

They are reasonably priced, lightweight and uses kinetic energy to pull the stranded vehicle out.

The downside of a kinetic rope is that if you'll need a rope that is the proper size for the vehicle you're trying to help out.


Check out this video that shows how a tow strap and kinetic rope are used and the difference in use.

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