One of the best parts of living in Wyoming, is the amount of options you have for adventures, activities and outdoor entertainment. Some of those options, after you have all the equipment and supplies, won't cost your family anything.

There are lots of areas where you can disperse camp, hike, mountain bike, or off road riding.

Another big FREE option, is hitting one of the rivers for a float trip.

Depending on what part of the state you're going to visit, you're going to find some of the best floating options in the country, here in Wyoming.

Are all great options for your family and friends to spend some time on the water.

If a float trip is something you've been looking in to for this summer and you've never done one before, it's really important to know what you're getting into.

Of course, there are services that you can hire to guide you and provide the equipment, but that is going to cost you a little more. If you're going to take a kayak, canoe, inner tube or other floatation device and head out, you really need to know how to be safe and what to expect.

Since we have people that live around this state that have spent much of their life enjoying our waterways, we thought we'd let them give you the advice you'll need for a successful trip.

When we asked, they didn't let us down.

35 Great River Floating Tips For Beginners

Here's Where Casper, Wyoming Goes To Cool Off In The Summer

While Wyoming is most often associated with year-round snow those of us that live here know that our Summers can get pretty hot. With temperatures during the day reaching the high 90's and low 100's everyone has their favorite local place to go to cool off. Here are a few of our favorites.

Treasure Island Park on North Platte River Outside Saratoga