Doe: A deer. A female deer.

No-Mo: A kitten. A male kitten.

Cheryl Heckart: A Wyoming woman who captured a conversation between the doe and No-Mo and posted the photos for the world to see.

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Living in Wyoming, most of us are no stranger to monthly, weekly, or even daily visits from certain four-legged friends. Whether it's a doe, a mule, an elk, sometimes even a moose, or something else entirely, part of living in Wyoming means sharing the land with many other creatures.

Every so often, these creatures come up to our homes and sometimes, on special occasions, they even interact with our pets.

That's what happened recently to Riverton resident Cheryl Heckart and her 8-month-old kitten, No-Mo.

No-Mo, you see, was just minding his business, doing cat things when, all of a sudden, this beautiful doe, whom we'll call Doe-Mo, galloped (do deer gallop?) up to the window for a heart-to-heart.

Heckart, naturally, opted to freeze this moment in time, so she snapped a few pictures of No-Mo and his new friend.

"I was actually posting a picture of a buck deer at my bird feeder and looked up," Heckart told K2 Radio News. "It kinda scared me. So I hurried to put the camera on my phone. I started taking pictures as I got up and walked closer to them. This is almost 5:00 PM; that’s why it’s a little dark. My cat just sat there, at one time he put its ears back. Then looked at me and let out a squeaky meow, but he wasn’t scared."

In the final photo, No-Mo is looking at his mom as if to say "ARE YOU SEEING THIS!?"

Cats, man.

But these photos just go to show the opportunities that Wyomingite are afforded on a daily basis. We may not be Snow White, living in a forest with birds and bunnies that come hang out with us every time we sing a song, but it's still pretty cool that we have this much access to such majestic creatures like Doe-Mo.

You can see photos of their encounter below:

Wyoming Woman Photographs Conversation Between Kitten and Doe

A Wyoming woman who captured a conversation between a doe and her 8-month-old kitten.

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